We accept children between the ages of   2 -5

The ministry of education requires the child should complete the age of :
•    Two years old by August  31 to be accepted in Nursery
•    Three years old by August 31 to be accepted in Pre-K
•    Four years old by August 31 to be accepted in KG1
•    Five years old by August 31 to be accepted in KG2

We accept children from all  ethnic backgrounds as long as they enjoy stable mental and physical health.
Children with special needs should be provided a shadow teacher on the parent's own expense.

Application Fee:

1000 AED  Registration fees non-refundable for new students only + 5% VAT.


     - 24000 AED  Annual school fees paid in three installments, first in cash, second and third in post-dated checks ( NO VAT).  

     - 500 AED  Books +5% VAT.

- 500 AED Health Care + 5% VAT.

- 150 AED per one uniform set +5% VAT.

The child  may not start the academic year unless the tuition is paid in full.

Sibling Discount :

10% discount for the 2nd child
20% discount for the 3rd child

The fees are non-refundable for any reason even if the child is absent or out of town

The fees are refundable only under these conditions:

1-Before the beginning of school for staff and administration, without the registration fees.

2-In case we receive papers to prove that the child and his parents are leaving the UAE and their residency

is terminated or if the family is moving to another emirate where the amount returned will be calculated starting

from the date of the last day for the child.

School Day:

8:00 am to 1:00pm

Official holidays are determined by the ministry of education and we will inform you via Email or Phone App.

Activities, field trips, and spring camps will be announced at its time and they are optional.

A qualified Nurse is available all the time throughout the school day, and a qualified doctor visits the school once a week.

Children go through a health check- up at the beginning of the school year with parents consent.

A health form will be completed with the school doctor or the nurse.

The parents should inform the school if the child is having a contagious illness.

The nurse is authorized to give fever reduction and pain relief medicine like Panadol.

Any medication is to be given during the school day should be with a prescription and parents request.

A child who has fever, infection, or vomiting should not come to school for safety of others.

In case the child gets sick during school hours, parents will be contacted to pick up the child immediately.

The parents should inform the school if their child is allergic to any kind of food.

The center provides full health care and safety to children. Minor injuries will be treated by the nurse at the school clinic and a report will be written to inform the parents.

In case of accident or serious injury, the school will do its best to inform  the parents or emergency contact. In case, parents don’t respond, the school will call an ambulance to take the child to the hospital with an assistant. Parents must inform the school, since the beginning, of the year about their hospital preference.

It is advisable for the child to have  breakfast before coming to school.
Chips ,candies, juices, tree nuts and soft drinks are not allowed, also egges , seafood..etc .

Every child should bring a bottle of water tagged with the full name.

Parent  must wear a mask when receiving the child.


A white polo shirt and navy pants for boys.
A white polo shirt and navy dress for girls.

The girls are asked to wear  leggings for safety purposes.
The child should wear a shoe to protect their toes while playing.
The children will be asked to wear special costumes on special occasions
The child bag should be small and fits in a box (35*25*25 cm).( big school bags are not allowed)
An extra outfit to use if needed.

Communication with parents:

The school cell phone and landline /phone app .

The parents can schedule an appointment with the class teacher or the administration.

Parents can only enter the class before or after school day, and not during, for the sake of children's safety.

During the scheduled school meetings

During lectures.

General Instructions:

The center is not responsible for any lost jewelry or accessories, not wearing it is preferable.
It is not allowed to bring toys or money and the center is not responsible in case of losing them.
We do not host birthday parties.